As a Village Trustee, I have worked hard to honor my promises to the public.  When I ran in 2005, I promised to work on the issues of economic development, traffic, balanced growth, and taxes.  Over the last four years, I believe the Village Board has accomplished much.



Financial Strength

· Lower Per-Capita Operating  Increases Over the Last Several Years

· Self-Sustaining Businesslike Operations (Aquatic Center, Water Fund, and Garbage Fund)

· Village’s DEBT FREE Status

· Freezing or Taking Less Than Allowed Property Tax Levy for Several Years


Economic Development

· Worked to Remove Extraordinary Transportation Fee from Old Fair Grounds

· Approved Development of 1.5 Million Square Feet Logistics Center

· Retained Lighting Manufacturer Keeping Jobs in Grayslake

· Attracted Sheet Metal Business  Expanding Day Trade in Downtown


Traffic Improvements

· Rte 120 and Allegheny Road Intersection Improvement

· Atkinson Road Expansion with Federal Money

· Shorewood Road Re-Build with Federal Grant

· Rte 120 Corridor Planning Council Founding Member



· Approved Greenest Region Compact

· Conversion of Village Buildings to Energy-Saving Lights

· Conversion of Street Lights to LED

· Expanded Recycling Center


The Village’s Fiscal Responsibility has Us DEBT FREE as of Early 2009.

Committee to Elect Shawn Vogel
Grayslake, IL 60030

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